About Us

It started on March 10, 2014 when my father and I discovered a rogue beehive on the side panel of the roof. It had been there for a few months, becoming more active by the day so we decided it was a good idea to have the hive removed by a professional for safety reasons. It was on that day while watching the hive being removed that the idea for us to raise our own set of bees came upon us. I thought it would be interesting to learn more about bees. So we started reading beginners books at first, and then came the bee conference we attended in May of 2016 hosted by the University of Georgia. 

It started off a simply a hobby but after sharing the honey with family and friends it wasn’t long before we realized that we were on to something special by having bees that could produce a unique blend of honey and we wanted to share it with the world. Our bees have the ability to work year round for 365 days a year and produce some of the world’s best honey. Over the past couple years we’ve learned a lot about bees and their unique behavior as well as honey production and the different flavors that go along with it. This was accomplished through various hive removals throughout the island as well as having our own apiary.

Honeybees serve a vital part of the world ecosystem in many ways. They are mostly responsible for the pollination of trees and plants alike. This keeps the reproductive process going year after year. However in recent times the use of pesticides and other factors has threatened to wipe out the entire bee population worldwide. With that being said it is important for bee farmers like us to do our part and keep this vital piece to the ecosystem puzzle alive. In a world that has moved towards healthier living and more health consciousness we strive to play our part in contributing to a healthier world.   

So far it has been an interesting and fun ride and we look forward to sharing our unique blend of honey with each and every one of you.